Full-Time Scholarships

These are scholarships provided at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels.

Before application, candidates are advised to check the equivalence and validity of the chosen fields in their countries.

Scope of the Scholarship

  • University and Department Placement

  • Monthly Stipend Undergraduate: : 3.500 TL, Master’s: 5.000 TL, PhD: 6.500 TL

  • Tuition Fee

  • Turkish Language Course (1 Year)

  • Accommodation

  • Health Insurance

  • Once-off Flight Ticket (At the beginning of education and when graduating)

Türkiye Scholarships
Undergraduate Scholarship Program

Applications for the scholarship program, which provides education in numerous departments in the fields of engineering, social sciences, health sciences, basic sciences, are received in January-February, which is the application period every year through the Turkish Scholarships Application System (TBBS).

Almost all undergraduate programs are available, except for associate degrees and vocational schools.

Before applying, you can research using the search engine on our website.

Türkiye Scholarships
Graduate Scholarship Program

Various programs are offered at the master’s and PhD levels in the fields of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and engineering at prestigious universities in Türkiye.

Almost all fields of study are offered except the health departments.

The universities and departments that candidates can choose may vary depending on the educational background of the candidates. Candidates can only choose from the universities and departments offered to them in the system.

Türkiye Scholarships
Art Scholarship Program

The Art Scholarship Program provides scholarships to international students at the undergraduate, master’s and PhD levels in the fields of musical sciences, performing arts and fine arts at Ankara Music and Fine Arts University.

The departments that can be applied for within the scope of the Art Scholarship Program are as follows:

Performing Arts
  • Instrument Training (Undergraduate)
  • Voice Training (Undergraduate)
Music Sciences and Technologies
  • Music Technologies (Undergraduate)
  • Music Theory (Undergraduate)

Music and Fine Arts
  • Instrument Training (Graduate)
  • Music Sciences (Graduate)
  • Music Technologies (Graduate)
  • Music Theory (Graduate)
  • Musicology (Graduate)
  • Voice Training (Graduate)
Türkiye Scholarships
Merit Scholarship Program

Merit Scholarship Program is created to;

Encourage qualified students, who have international academic and language proficiency documents to study in Türkiye,

Design custom socio-cultural programs for specific needs of qualified students,

Inspire Türkiye Scholarships grantees to be more dedicated on their studies,

Merit Scholarship is both for prospective and existing Türkiye Scholarships students.

Those who have listed qualifications below will be included in Merit Scholarship Program:

Türkiye Scholarship grantees who have been placed in their programs with international language and academic proficiency documents which approved by Presidency. (SAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

Those who scored top points at national exams in their home countries,

Those Türkiye Scholarships holders at the level of bachelor's degree who have GPA above 3.50 out of 4.

Türkiye Scholarships students who participates in Merit Scholarship Program will be rewarded with monthly stipend 2 times higher than the regular payment.