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Türkiye is undergoing an important transformation in the field of higher education with its well-established academic institutions, an increasing number of universities, research centers, academicians and internationalization of standards.

Over the past 10 years, the number of international students studying at higher educational institutions in Türkiye has increased remarkably, and according to current figures, Türkiye is home to more than 300 thousand international students, including 15 thousand with scholarships. In this respect, Türkiye continues to offer equal opportunities to students from all over the world as one of the countries that accept the largest number of international students in the world.




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International Students


Higher Education Programs

Equivalency and Recognition

With the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which has been implemented in Turkish universities since 2001 as a part of the Bologna Process, our students can continue their education in other countries and receive diplomas accepted by the countries utilizing ECTS. As our country is included in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), diplomas obtained from Turkish universities are recognized in many countries of the world, particularly in EU member states.

Student Exchange Programs

After commencing your education in Türkiye, you can enrich your experience abroad and in Türkiye by participating in various student exchange programs!

Erasmus Exchange Program

Erasmus Exchange Program is a European Union program that supports inter-university cooperation, offering students the opportunity to study or carry out internships at one of the universities in Europe for one or two semesters. Almost all universities in Türkiye benefit from the program. It is possible to participate in the exchange program with or without a grant. Grant amounts vary according to the destination country.

Mevlana Exchange Program

The Mevlana Exchange Program is a program that enables student exchange between universities in Türkiye and universities abroad. Unlike other exchange programs, the Mevlana Exchange Program covers all higher education institutions that have signed the Protocol without any geographical region restrictions.

Farabi Exchange Program

The Farabi Exchange Program is a domestic exchange program that aims to allow students to study at a different university other than their own university for one or two semesters. Non-refundable grants are provided by YÖK to the students participating in the exchange. Thanks to this program, you can study in a second city in Türkiye as an exchange student and have the opportunity to get to know Türkiye better.


Countries and periods of exchange may vary according to the protocols signed by the universities. Please consult your university for detailed information and applications.

Students with a Türkiye Scholarship can participate in exchange programs only for 1 semester.

Our students must give notice together with their documents of admission to the Directocate within 15 days after receiving admission to the exchange program.

Please make sure that you will not have a semester loss because the semester in which you participate in the exchange program will be counted towards the scholarship period.

Global Education Vision

Türkiye's internationalization efforts in higher education are fundamentally based on the following four principles:

Academic development and interaction

Economic development and solidarity

Social and cultural interaction

Development of political and diplomatic relations