Am I A Failure?

Fatme Islyam - Bulgaria - Ankara University - Journalism

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I have.

I started asking myself this question when I first came to Türkiye. My grades had already been high when I was studying in my own language and I had always considered myself a very intelligent person. When I came to Türkiye, my confidence dropped. While studying the language at TÖMER and my own courses at the university, everything seemed confusing. I didn’t understand the courses and I just couldn’t get anywhere no matter how hard I tried. I was studying, but I still couldn't get the results I wanted. I thought I was doing something wrong. But what? What needed to change?

In such cases, students need to know: You are not a failure! Do not feel humiliated for low grades! This is normal. Because you are a student. You are learning, and it is normal to make mistakes as you learn. The most important thing is not to give up and to make an effort.

People often feel that they are the only ones experiencing such things. No. It is very natural that you will have difficulties at the university, especially in another country, as you are moving to a new level of education. The changing education system and language of instruction challenge all international students to begin with. But you can cope with these difficulties by relying on your dreams and by believing yourself. Keep working without fear. Talk to successful people. In addition to studying, do not forget to take time for yourself to have fun. Try new things, dream and work. Remember, you can do it!