Student City İstanbul

Nasruzzaman Naeem-Bangladesh - İstanbul Ticaret University - International Finance

Since I came to İstanbul for my master's degree, I have been deeply in love with the natural beauty of İstanbul, the valuable history and culture here, and most importantly, the people of Istanbul. As an international student, I want to write about the things that impressed me the most in İstanbul.

1. The Magnificent Bosphorus:
The natural beauty of the Bosphorus, which separates the Asian and European continents, fascinates me each and every time I see it. I lose myself watching the blue waters of the Bosphorus and the white seagulls following the ferries in the Bosphorus. Historical and eye-catching buildings on both sides of the Bosphorus will allow you to feel the history of İstanbul more deeply.

Turkey has hosted many civilizations. The metropolitan city of İstanbul is home to many people from different cultures. I had the opportunity to meet with students and people talking different languages, from different countries and cultures, and the opportunity to learn so much from them in Istanbul. Students from different cultures form close friendships here and speak Turkish as a common language! Isn’t that great?

The hospitality of Turkish people is known to by whole world. I have always founds my Turkish teachers and Turkish friends helpful and supportive. Turkish hospitality does not allow you to become homesick. Everyone here is tolerant and respectful towards everyone. I loved the social etiquette in Turkish culture especially the way they pray for each other at the beginning and end of every conversation.

4.Cafes and Turkish Tea:
Another thing you will surely love in Istanbul is the cafe culture. Chatting with my friends while drinking hot Turkish tea and sharing my experiences and knowledge with them has become my new hobby. I make new memories and gain new stories every day, accompanied by glasses of Turkish Tea in coffee shops. If you are a coffee lover, Turkish Coffee is always there to give you energy.

5.A Student Friendly City:
I think İstanbul is peaceful and absolutely safe for students. İstanbul is one of the most affordable metropolitan cities in the world. Istanbul is well connected has great public transport links and there are many historical and cultural sites for students to visit. I would definitely recommend being a student in İstanbul to get a real international experience in your student life.