Advice for New Students IN TÜRKİYE

Riska Delvia-  Indonesia - Sivas Cumhuriyet University - Physics

Advice for New Students in Türkiye


1-Be sure to check the weather forecast.

I came to Turkey in 2019. I had to fly from İstanbul to the city I would be studying upon arrival. While in line, I couldn’t help but think why are they wearing such thick clothes. The sun was shining outside and it was very hot. After reaching Sivas, the city where I would be studying, I realized that the weather was incredibly cold as soon as I got off the plane. When we reached the dormitory at night, it was -2°C. While I was freezing cold, I was so surprised at the difference in weather conditions in the two cities. I highly suggest that students coming from warmer climates like me check the season and weather conditions of the city they are going to before they come to Türkiye.

2- Bring your country flag and traditional symbols with you.

I would suggest that you take with you money, clothes and tools specific to your country that are not heavy. Especially while studying Turkish at TÖMER, you will need these symbols to promote your own culture in international student meetings that are held often.

3- Take enough money with you for a few weeks.

Türkiye Scholarships cover all your expenses during your education life. However, it may take some time for the scholarship to first come in when you arrive. You should bring some money with you for your needs such as transportation and meals for the period before your scholarship is deposited.

4- Learn a few words and phrases in Turkish before coming to Turkey.

When you come to Türkiye, you will learn to speak this language fluently by studying Turkish language for 1 year at TÖMER. However, it would be useful to know a few phrases before your arrival. Because in daily life, for example, when shopping at the market, you will always need to speak Turkish.

5- Enjoy studying abroad

As someone who comes from a country where it doesn't snow, I was really looking forward to the arrival of the winter in Türkiye. One day, when I was at TÖMER, I saw it was snowing out of the window of the classroom. I went straight outside. For the first time, I was playing with the white, soft snow. I took pictures with my friends among the white trees. It was also the first time they had encountered a person who had never seen snow. That's when I realized what it means to study abroad. That's why my last advice to students coming to Türkiye is: Enjoy your adventure in Türkiye by embracing brand new experiences despite all the difficulties you may encounter!