Short-Term Scholarships

Türkiye Scholarships
Success Scholarship Program (1 year)

The Success Scholarship Program is a program specially designed for students who are currently studying at Turkish universities on their own and who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance.

The Success Scholarship Program only covers monthly stipend. Accommodation and other expenses are not covered by the Success Based Scholarship.

Monthly Stipend
  • Undergraduate: 750 TL
  • Master’s: 1.100 TL
  • PhD: 1.500 TL

The student can benefit from this scholarship for 1 academic year.

Türkiye Scholarships
Research Scholarship Program (3-12 months)

The Research Scholarship Program is a program designed to encourage international researchers and academicians to cooperate with Turkish academicians in the most prestigious universities of Türkiye.

PhD holders or PhD candidates at the dissertation stage may also apply to this program.

The Research Scholarship Program only covers monthly stipend.

Monthly Stipend: 8000 TL

Applications for the Research Scholarship Program are open throughout the year. Assessment and admissions are made in four different periods.

Please click for Freshers’ Guide.

Türkiye Scholarships
KATİP (8-10 months)
Turkish Communication Program for Public Officials and Academics

The KATİP program is a program designed for foreign public officials, diplomats, academics and researchers who wish to learn Turkish and get to know Türkiye better.

Announcements and applications for the KATİP Program are made through the Turkish Embassies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the relevant countries.

The program includes only monthly stipend and accommodation.

Monthly Stipend: 4000 TL