General Health Insurance

Is GSS valid in all public and university hospitals, are private hospitals out of scope?

With the insurance provided, students benefit from health services free of charge in public hospitals, university hospitals and private health institutions contracted by the SSI.

What is the provision period for the insurance registration process?

The provision period is 30 days, at the end of this period, the student's insurance becomes active. 

What should be done for medical expenses incurred in emergency situations where insurance is not active?

In case of EMERGENCY when the insurance is not active for any reason, students can request a refund of the expenses they incurred for treatment at public hospitals. For this refund process, the Provision Inquiry Document showing that the insurance was not applied on the day of the examination or treatment, the bank receipt showing the fee paid, a photocopy of the prescription and the invoice for the filled prescription must be declared via the request titled Health Expenditure Statement via TBBS. Expenses deemed appropriate are refunded to the student. 

What expenses are not refundable when the insurance is inactive?

Expenditures insurred in private health institutions and medicines not covered by SSI are not refundable. 

If the student wants to document their insurance for any reason, such as residence, during the provisioning period, where can this document be obtained?

The Insurance Provision document can be obtained from e-government or provincial/district Social Security Institutions