Turkish Education

Are Turkish preparatory courses compulsory for students admitted to non-Turkish language departments within the scope of Türkiye Scholarships?

Students who will receive education within the scope of Türkiye Scholarships are required to take Turkish preparatory courses in their first year, regardless of the language of study. Those who have C1 level Turkish proficiency certificate obtained from Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish language teaching centers of universities in our country are exempt from Turkish preparatory education. However, if deemed appropriate by the Directorate, students placed in departments/programs providing education in a foreign language may begin their education directly in their departments/programs without being subject to Turkish language education, provided that they submit the requested level of Turkish language proficiency certificate to the Directorate before completing their education at the level for which they were awarded a scholarship.

Scope of Turkish Preparatory Education

•960 hours of Turkish (mandatory)

•140 hours of Academic Turkish (mandatory)

•Students placed in departments whose medium of instruction is English, Arabic, and French are also required to complete a 1-year Turkish Preparatory education.

Absenteeism in Turkish preparatory education

•Scholarships of those whose absence exceeds 20 hours per month subject to a 25% reduction.

•The scholarships of students who are absent for more than 100 lesson hours in total without excuse/permission will be cancelled.

•Completion of Turkish preparatory education

•Is based on obtaining a C1 level Turkish proficiency certificate.

•Failure in Turkish preparatory education

Scholarships for students who fail the one-year Turkish preparatory program are frozen until they submit a language proficiency certificate and certify that they have commenced their academic education. The scholarships of students who are unable to obtain language proficiency at the end of the second year are cancelled.