Türkiye Scholarships

2024 Applications for Türkiye Scholarships Summer Research Program is open for undergraduate students until April 22, 2024. Apply now from the website of Sabancı University to invest in your future!

Benefits Package:

  • Monthly Stipend 6500 TL per month
  • Round Trip Flight Ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Tuition Fee
  • Social and Cultural Activities


  • Scholarships are available for outstanding students currently studying for undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants are expected to have good academic standing and adequate knowledge of English which is sufficient to fulfill the requirements of their projects.
  • Potential applicants should submit their applications via the website of Sabancı University Pure Program.

       Students can apply up to 6 research projects, which are announced by Sabancı University faculty members and researchers in the website of Sabancı University PURE Program, in an order of precedence and in accordance with their research interests. However, students can be a part of ONLY 1 project.

Application Dates: 01 April-22 April 2024

Duration of Program: 8 Weeks (08 July- 29 August 2024)

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